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Download the latest ESP Serial Hub and SST drivers. For questions about Avocent product drivers contact Technical Support.
Note: Avocent SST and ESP Linux drivers support RedHat and SuSE enterprise versions only.

ESP Serial Hub and SST Drivers
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Windows Drivers

Unix/Linux Drivers

Windows Drivers

ESP Serial Hub and SST Beta Drivers and Utilities
This section provides Beta versions of the ESP serial hub and SST drivers. These versions contain fixes to resolve specific problems that have been identified in a prior verion of the driver.  These drivers have not been fully validated and are UNSUPPORTED by Avocent.  Upon completion of  the validation process, the driver will be released and formally supported.
Beta ESP Serial Hub Drivers and Utilities
  Beta SST Drivers
Administration Utilities

ESP Serial Hub Firmware
Latest firmware for the ESP serial hubs is listed below.  Note that there are seperate flash images for each ESP serial hub model.  Please select the appropriate link based on the model number of the ESP serial hub to be updated.   Downloading the wrong image file to an ESP serial hub will result in a flash update failure.  If you have questions, please contact Technical Support.
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SST Driver Archive and Other Software Downloads

Due to changes in operating systems and users' requirements, these platform OSs are no longer updated to support Equinox' advancing product line. However, the last   released version is still available and will be transferred from our FTP site when you click the driver version link. If you have questions, please contact Technical Support.

Legacy SST Drivers   Other
Analog Modem Pool

Digital Modem Pool